Our mission: To inform and enable everyone to organize their digital inheritance.

A future that we create together.

Thinking about what happens to subscriptions and accounts after the end of life is essential.

We support all individuals who want to have security for themselves and their relatives

Userwill helps with bureaucratic challenges as a precaution and in the aftermath. We have the ambitious mission to solve one of the most emotional and challenging issues of digital society.

Moving the topic of secure digital inheritance forward together

We understand it as our responsibility to protect people's data and their wills. Userwill is a reliable contact option and software solution for all generations. Feel free to contact us to test our help.

Userwill is a collaborative endeavor that transcends a single organization.

We are built up by people and platforms from around the world.

Simple, secure, and with a focus on contributing to the UN Goals.

Data protection and cybersecurity are the foundation of Userwill

At Userwill, we value, protect and defend your data. Data protection is at the heart of our advice and technology. In doing so, we strictly adhere to the specifications for the protection of personal data - a fundamental right of European citizens.

Accessibility for all user groups

Regardless of physical, mental, or technical situations, everyone should be able to manage their digital inheritance. Some people encounter a variety of problems when using the Internet. We want to help every person who is active on the Internet.

Support in the sense of the UN Goals

Our actions are guided by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The UN 2030 Agenda is a global plan to promote sustainable peace and prosperity and protect our planet.